Thursday, January 28, 2010

Buttons and Beans

This summer we became the new owners of two of the best porch cats ever. We found both of these cats when they were just a few months old. Actually they found us. Both of them ventured onto the porch and it was a hard fought battle to get them to not run off when a human appeared. Now these two cats are the most appreciative animals in the world.

The first cat is a long-haired grey and white kitten we named Buttons. Both Catherine and I think that we should take him to a cat show because his conformation is impeccable. We think that if he were a show steer he would win Louisville or Denver hands down.

The other cat came along about 3 weeks after Buttons and the vets told us he is about 2 months younger. We have dubbed him Beans. Beans is another long-haired kitten, but he is yellow. If I would have paid a little more attention in Genetics I would be able to tell you if he was Agouti or Tabby, but I skipped those labs. Anyway, unlike Buttons who is the clubby show steer cat, Beans is like a Longhorn. His hocks rub together and he is not very muscular at all. However, he is quite the assassin. He constantly is killing mice or lizards and bringing them to the porch.

On of our favorite things to do with the porch kittens is to come up with different names for them based off of Beans and Buttons. Here are some of our favorite ones.

  1. Beaners
  2. Frijoles
  3. Refried
  4. Borracho
  5. Bean Bag
  6. Beanie


  1. Boo-tones
  2. Pasta Butanesca
  3. Encyclopedia Buttanica
  4. Boutenierre
  5. Hopper (Ok, this isn't based off his name, but he jumps up to be pet. Hence Hopper)

As you can tell, we are just crazy over these two cats. Below are a couple of pictures of these two fine felines. Hope you enjoy them!

Beans sitting on the porch.

Buttons poses for his close-up.

Beans laying on the flower bed.

Buttons strikes a pose.

Beans attacking a rose bush.


  1. Ok. That was amusing. I also have a list of names for my dogs but am too embarrassed to post them.

  2. Awww, come on! I want to see your crazy pet names! I don't know why their given names aren't good enough. Our inside cat (given name, Dixie) has a million embarrasing nicknames. We hardly ever refer to her as Dixie. It's always something crazy.

  3. those have got to be some of the greatest porch cats known to man!!