Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome, Howdy, Whazzz Up, and Hey There!

Welcome to our blog. Catherine and I are always wishing that we had some sort of way to record all of our adventures out and about. I am looking for a way to keep up with my family back in Indiana and a way for them to know what is going on with their Texas family. We are not into scrapbooking or keeping a journal, so we decided that we needed to start a blog so we can tell all about what we do. We have been working on setting up this blog for a while tonight and we both have big days planned tomorrow. Catherine has to head to her job in the city and I will be working with the V8 crew putting in embryos.
Some of the favorite blogs that we like to read feature some really neat pictures that aren't necessarily professional, but are fun to look at and enhance the stories people tell. We were lucky enough to have a professional photographer ( come to the ranch and take our engagement pictures. She seemed to think that our Brahman cattle were good photo subjects. We will be providing photos of our own once we get started blogging, but in the mean time here are some cool photos that Lauren took of our cows.

More coming soon from us. Until then.

This is our favorite Brahman show heifer from V8 Ranch, Miss V8 858/6, Catherine's Duchess

This was a new baby calf born the day Lauren was here.

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  1. Love those pictures, Brahmas are soooooo stinkin cute though:)