Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Smert Er Ya?

So since tomorrow is Friday and everyone is looking for things to speed up the day until they can call it quits and start to celebrate the weekend, here are a few Brain Teasers to get you through.

I will post the answers tomorrow and you can see how you did.

#1 Answer: Head Over Heels In Love
#2 Answer: He Came Out Of Nowhere

#3 Answer: Open and Closed Case

#4 Answer - Green with Envy
#5 Answer: Think Outside the Box

Ok so this last one cause some big time chuckles at Our Little Ranch. You see, Catherine is a very competitive person and always prides herself on being very intelligent. Her famous quote is "I will challenge you to an IQ test!" Well she did that to me once and she lost, but that is another story. Anyway, I love these types of puzzles. I am also rather good at them. So I was trying to get Catherine to guess what the one above was.

Bless her heart, she could not get it. She kept guessing "Cubed Think," "3D cube," "Box on a Board!" She was getting so mad, and I kept saying "How are you so dumb that you can't get this!" That really made her mad and she finally had enough and got real mad and said "I am not playing your stupid games anymore. Those are retarded, no one plays those past middle school. You're so dumb!"

Basically what it boils down to is that Catherine was mad that she could not get the puzzles. I think that they are very easy, but someone doesn't. What a loser. Anyway, leave your guesses in the comment section.

Also, if you cannot get these it does not mean that you are King of the Stupids or anything, you just arn't as smert as me! If it makes you feel better, I simply cannot get the stupid triangle/golf tee game that they have a Cracker Barrel. I am always "Just Plain Dumb!" That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. A dumb piece of wood just told me how much I suck at life.

Now go leave your guesses! First person to win gets a Free Ice Cream Cone the next time I see them. How about that!


  1. Think outside of the box?

    I always loved these in school too... but like Cat I get really angry when I can't get them. So I can get a bit obsessive (shocker).

    Miss you guys!

  2. Apparently I'm bad at following rules...

    1. Head over heels in love
    2. Middle of nowhere? (This one is stumping me... and I'm getting angry!)
    3. Open and closed case
    4. Green with envy

  3. Ok... I'll give it a shot and probably really embarrass myself, but here goes:
    1. head over heels in love
    2. he came out of nowhere (?)
    3. a break in the case (?)
    4. green with envy
    5. think outside the box
    And though the wait-staff at Cracker Barrel have showed me how to beat that triangle game on several occasions, I still can't get it. How lame is that? Individually tutored and I still suck! ahahaha

  4. 1. Head over heals in love
    2. He came out of nowhere
    3. Open and shut case
    4. Green with envy
    5. Think outside the box (?)