Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vacation Bible School

This week Catherine and I have been teaching the 4&5 year olds at the Vacation Bible School that our church puts on. Today we had 18 of those little buggers in our class and we really enjoy being around them. They are so fun and energetic. And some of the stuff they come up with!

We also have one of the best co-teachers in the world. Anne McCain also is one of the teachers with us. Actually, she is really the teacher and Catherine and I just do what she tells us to. She is a real life teacher, you see. Anne can really lay down the law to these kids, while Catherine and I are kinda like "Don't make me come over there," and Anne says things like "Are you waving you pencil in the air because you want me to take away your smiley face for today?"

On Tuesday, Anne was visiting her grandmother and not able to help with the class. One of the kids asked "Where's the other teacha?" Catherine told him that Ms. Anne was visiting her grandmother in the nursing home (which she isn't) and she would not be here today. The little angel sat back in his chair and you could tell that he was thinking "It's me versus the pushovers!" Ha! Pushover nothing! Later in the class he kid was being rambunctous and Catherine yelled out in her meanest voice "If you do not sit down in that chair RIGHT NOW you will be standing in the corner reciting memory verses for the rest of class!" Needless to say, the child sat down and did not say anything the rest of the class time.

Another fun story happened today. A sweet innocent little girl came up to Anne and I today and said "Can I be moved. I do not want to sit next to so-and-so anymore." Anne in a very concerned voice said "Why would you like to be moved?" The little girl replied with "Because he keeps kissing me." I think that she meant "kicking," (how could we have missed the kissing?) but we relocated her so she wasn't next to a boy who was trying to get fresh with her.

Perhaps one of the most jarring experiences of the class was for me. Catherine and I were doing some last minute shopping at Hobby Lobby for decorations and Catherine was reading out of the teaching manual. She casually said "We need 10 lepers." I about fell out. I shouted "Where are we going to find 1 leper, let alone 10!" I was really beside myself. I thought it was ridiculous that we needed to find lepers and expose children to them.

Actually, we had to turn the children into lepers. Our lesson was about the 10 lepers that Jesus healed and how only one came back to say thank you. This may have been the highlight of the week so far. I have never seen so many kids as eager to be turned into a leper as our class was. We stuck white labels all over them. Each kid got to participate in being a leper and also in a townsmen.

Here are a few pictures of our lepers!

Jarrett (striped shirt) is playing Jesus and healing the lepers. He is removing the white spots and has a real potential in the medicinal field.

The little leper belongs to a fellow blog reader. Mrs. Ramona Petrosky (best chicken spaghetti cooker I know!) is the mother of this guy, and Dillon must read our blog too. He reported that his teachers were the ones that have the "Cute dog named Wilma."

One final story. A grandmother of one of our students came into our class yesterday and asked about the story we taught about the Irish. Apparently her granddaughter went home and reported that she never wanted to be turned into an Irish-man again. The youngster said that we (Catherine and I) put stickers all over her and turned her into an Irish-man and when she took off the stickers it pulled her arm and leg hair and she never wanted to be Irish again! How funny!!

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