Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Belly is FULL!

Catherine and I just got back from an amazing home cooked dinner with the Petrosky family. We had a Facebook message from Ramona (mom) Petrosky and it said that they had our wedding present (blog to come later about this great gift!) and would like for us to come over for dinner and they would give us our gift. Of course Catherine and I were ecstatic about this dinner invitation and quickly replied yes to the invite.

So Ramona cooked a HUGE pan of Chicken Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, and a nice salad to get some vegetables in there. I really out did myself on eating. This was some of the best chicken spaghetti I have ever had. Oh my was it good!

However, better than the food was the great night of conversation we had with the entire family. David (dad), Ramona (mom), Dollie (daughter), DJ (son), and Dillon (son), along with Catherine and I all sat around the table and told stories and had way too many laughs. It was really nice to sit down at a table with a family like the Petrosky's. They are such good people and extremely funny and they have things like the kids height measurements on the wall. The whole atmosphere was very “home-y” and relaxing.

One of my favorite stories of the night was about Pooh the pet raccoon of a mutual friend of ours. Ramona was saying that they had to babysit Pooh one day and before she knew it she turned around and Pooh had both hands shoved into her water glass and was fishing out the ice. Maybe this was one of those stories that you had to be there to fully appreciate it, because the hand gestures of Ramona imitating the raccoon in the water glass were priceless.

The picture is a little different than normal. Usually, we post the pictures individually, but this time I did things a little different. I made a collage using some snapshots from the evening. We had talked about trying to take some pictures of people but once I got to using both my hands to shovel in the Chicken Spaghetti I didn't want to get the camera dirty.

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  1. Thanks for the sweet blog! And all you blog readers in the Boling/Wharton vacinity... if you want to have a fun night and laugh until you just about pee your pants, definitely have Luke and Catherine over for dinner! (And they brought fabulous dump cake and ice cream for dessert!)