Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Little PUPPY!

Please forgive our absence from the blog. We have had a lot going on around the ranch this week. But the most exciting part is that we got this.

I would like to introduce you to Wilma Sue Neumayr. She is the latest addition to Our Little Ranch (well I have not checked the calving pastures this evening, but puppy trumps new calf any day of the week). She is a 8-week-old English Bulldog. We picked her up yesterday evening and have had a blast since. She is already potty trained but you still have to watch closely for when she needs out. The breeder suggested that we allow her to sleep in the bed with us for the first three nights and then after that it is up to us. We are only on night two, but I am sure she will remain my snuggling partner for quite some time. Especially since she drools less that Catherine.

Wilma's breeder also said that we should take her out every three hours or so, even during the night. So last night I was up at 11:00 and 3:00 to take the little fur ball out. Each time I would have to wake her up, and I felt kinda guilty about waking her from her slumber. The funny thing is this. Catherine has been saying how "tired" she is from having to deal with Wilma all night long. Ha! She didn't even know that we were gone! She just kept sawing logs and dreaming of snake free summers.

I will say that I think that a puppy may be more of a challenge than a child. I mean with a kid you can slap a diapee on them and set them in a play pen. Wilma, not so much. But a kid can't fetch until they can walk, so it has its tradeoff's.

You may ask how Wilma got her name. Well, I will tell you how. Wilma was born in March and her breeder gave the litter all names from the Flintstone's. So she has a sister named Betty, a brother named Fred, and so on. We had tried to think of a different name but each time we talked about it we would always say "What are we going to call Wilma?" After a few times of that, the name just stuck. We did add Sue though for a middle name.

I am sure that we will be taking memory card after memory card full of pictures of our "Widdle Gurl." She has not yet met Dragon, but she did meet Dixie cat. She is still alive so I would say the meeting was a success.

Here are a few other pictures of Wilma. Feel free to leave comments and tell us how cute you think she is.

Of all the toys that we bought her, she likes a foil ball-thing that she stole from Dixie.

Get it Wilma! She also really likes to beat the mess outta Mr. Pig.

And I leave you with a picture of Wilma in her bed. She really loves her bed. We only put her in it once, but now she takes all her toys and stores them in there when she sleeps.

Keep an eye out for updates. And remember we still need ideas for the next "Our Little Rancher" contest.


  1. EEEEEEEEEE!!!! Soooooo adorable... I want her!!!

  2. AWWW Precious!!!! I love her markings/color. I have a friend that has one and it lovessss attention.

  3. I figured out how you picked her out... She is a tiger stripe. Good looking pup!

  4. Love her - we get to baby sit an English the end of the month. Her color pattern is awesome.

  5. Congratulations! She's adorable! Very happy for ya'll! : )

  6. She is tooooo cute! Just makes ya wanna take that wrinkly little face in your hands and baby talk to her. How about this month's winner gets to babysit???

  7. She is so cute. I had no idea they could be brindle like that. Seems very fitting.

  8. I want to STOP following you now b/c I am jealous! But, if I stop I won't get to see pictures. What to do, what to do!
    LOVE bulldogs. Make babies with her and send me one:)