Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Little Rancher - CONTEST WINNER

The votes have been counted and after a month of keeping track of all the comments left on our blog as well as the facebook, twitter, and other social media mentions it is time to announce the winner of our first ever Our Little Rancher contest.

And the winner is


The race was very close and it was Crystal's mention of our blog on her own blog that put her ahead of the rest. This combined with her double facebook mention and twitter shout out as well as her multiple blog comments means that she is the winner for this month.

So what does she win?

She will get an 8x10 canvas wrapped print of one of our pictures. So Crystal, when you read this please contact us and let us know which picture you choose.

Congratulations to Crystal and thank you to all who took part in this comment contest.

I know there is some of you out there who are rather bummed with the results. But with the conclusion of this contest, the slate is wipped clean and a new one begins. So to kick off the next contest, how about you leave some comments with what you think should be the prize for this next month. We can do the same thing or change it up, you get to pick. Just let us know!


  1. Ah, I am so excited. Thanks guys. You really are doing a fantastic job.

  2. I personally would like the opportunity to win Mr. Dragon. . .If Luke isn't too attached!!! Do you have him housebroke yet?