Sunday, May 23, 2010

The rest of the San Antonio Zoo pictures. Finally!

So I just stumbled across these pictures from when Catherine and I went to the San Antonio Zoo during the stock show. Do you know that "A-ha!" moment you have when you find something that you forgot about? Well these pictures have been on a laptop that we never use, and I just was piddiling around on it while Catherine is forcing me to watch the LOST finale and found them.

Speaking of LOST, does anyone out there like that show? Raise your hand if you do. Yeah, me either. I am grateful that tonight is the last show that I will have to watch. I hope that they end it good and not something stupid like it was all just a dream.

Back to the important stuff. I have been educating Wilma and Dragon about these animals and now I will share my wealth of knowledge with you. Ha. Ha ha. I barely know the names of these creatures, let alone their genus, species, and phylum.

Just enjoy the pictures.

This is a Capabara (spelling does not count on blogs!) and it happens to be the largest rodent in the world. I will admit, that I am an Animal Planet/National Geographic/Discovery Channel junkie and know too many random facts. But you can share this tidbit at your next social gathering and look like a real somebody.

Just a pelican.

Crikey! I thought this was fake, until it jumped into the water after laying motionless for about 5 minutes.

This neat looking bird was trying to catch some fish.

African Crane anyone?

I think that that was some sort of deer, like maybe the smallest one ever? Anyway, I was very proud of myself that I got him (or her) with his tounge out.

Ooo, I know what this was. It was a Red River Hog from the Amazon. Pretty neat, huh?

This is a Cassowary. Check out those feet! You know what they say about big feet, right? Big socks of course.

A sleepy Rhino. Does anyone remember that scene from Ace Ventura when Ace is in the mechanical rhino and his fan quits? Still makes me laugh.

You guessed it, a Giraffe.

This sign made me laugh, so I took a picture.

Mingos! My niece Hunter used to call flamingos, Mingos! I still do.

Catching up on some zzz's.

Check out this aerobatic pair. The mom would swing all over their enclosure and the little baby would just hang on and go right along with her.

I wonder is this is a relative of my dragon?

I wish I could be more like these monkeys or is it monkies. I think monkeys. Anyway, they were pretty cool. We still email each other once and a while.

I do not know what this thing it. Maybe El Chupacabra's mother?

This bird was cool too. I named him Henry. Just now, not at the zoo.

The real version of Tucan Sam. Except these arn't tucans, they are macaws. So just scratch that previous part. But I am going to get a bowl of Marshmellow Blasted Fruit Loops. Maybe one of my favorite foods. I get rather cranky when I run out of them.

Jungle cat.

Sushi anyone?

He wanted some sushi.

So I am a little kid at heart, I love the zoo and take any chance I have to go to one. I am always running from one exhibit to the other and then grabbing Catherine and saying "You have to come see this, it is so cool!"

If you have a zoo close to you, I encourage you to go and take someone with you. Regardless of age, everyone loves the zoo once they get there.

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