Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wilma Meets The Water Faucet

Its been too long since I, best blogger at Our Little Ranch, have written a blog. I've been pretty busy lately and just haven't had the time to sit down to write. Not that I am griping, but having Wilma (or any puppy for that matter) is hard work and it seems one of us always has to be watching her, feeding her, or cleaning up after her.

Adding to my busy-ness recently was the fact that Luke was a bit under the weather yesterday, so with him and Wilma, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

While we were in South Texas this past weekend, Wilma came along for the trip. While the 3.5 hour car trip with Wilma sounded a little scary to us, we want to get her "broken in" for car trips so that we can take her with us when we go visit our family in Indiana.

The little puppy rode in Luke's lap the whole way there and the whole way back. This is a change for us because usually Luke drives everywhere and I'm the passenger. Wilma's arrival has turned me into the primary driver, mainly because I'm not as good at playing with Wilma as Luke is. I tend to panic when she starts biting me, or gets bored, or starts barking. I will be glad when she's out of the puppy phase. So will Luke, because lets just say... I'm not the best driver. While I drive painfully below the speed limit (I'm terrified of getting a speeding ticket), my issues with driving lie in simply not paying attention. There were several almost-accidents on this trip.

While we were in South Texas, Luke and I wanted to run into Kingsville for a few hours to check out the antique shops there. My wonderful mom (former Bulldog breeder) volunteered to keep Wilma for the time we were gone. As Luke and I got into the car to drive away, I gleefully squealed, "We're free!" and we peeled out. Its not that we don't adore Wilma — we do. It was just nice to have a break.

About 2 hours later we returned and found Wilma outside playing - soaking wet. You see, Grandma Luann (my mom) introduced Wilma to a water faucet. We have now discovered that it is the cheapest toy you'll ever find. The best part is that Wilma plays so hard that she tuckers herself out and then sleeps for hours afterwards.

Here's some photos of Wilma playing while we were in South Texas.

Not only does she like to drink from the faucet, but she loves to let the water run on her back. She goes crazy!

Rock climbing is one of Wilma's newer hobbies. Look at her face. If that ain't a happy puppy, I don't know what is.

I think she thought we were about to take that stick out of her mouth. Not so happy, here.
We asked Wilma, "Hey Wilma, do you like cats?" This is the face she made. Excellent sense of humor.

More playing.

Wilma - senior portrait style.

She loved this grass. It is a special drought resistant grass that is thick and deep. Only bad news is that she laid there and got bit on her belly by either ants or chiggers. She had big red welps on her stomach but they cleared up.

Sometimes she runs so fast her ears start catching some wind and flop up! Wilma the bat bulldog!


  1. Welcome back!!! You were missed. Luke's great, though! LOVE the pics of Wilma! You both have amazing photography talent! : )

  2. All right Catherine & are going to make my husband a very happy man. You see - I had told him no to getting an English Bulldog after I found out the cost and dietary restrictions and am now starting to rethink my decision. You have such an adorable puppy!! I have to start a savings account so that we can get one haha!

    Oh and by the way - I love your photos and blog!!

  3. Wilma is precious! I love her face when asked about cats...It really makes me want one!

  4. What's the saying about actors should never work with kids or dogs because they steal the show? Well, Ms. Wilma steals the Blog! Your pictures and narration are so cute, and that face... THAT FACE!!! =)