Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caroline Anne McCain

Today Catherine and I got to have lunch with one of our favorite people, Caroline McCain, even though she brought her parents along with her we will had a great time. Caroline is the daughter of our close friends Caleb and Anne McCain. We met up at Larry's today to eat a wonderful lunch. You cannot tell it by the pictures but this morning Caroline had to have tubes put in her ears to help combat ear infections she has been having recently. When I heard that Caroline had to have this surgery, I got real nervous. But as you can see from the pictures below there was nothing to be worried about.

On another note, Caroline will be having her first birthday tomorrow. Not to sound all "grandpa-ish" but I can remember the day she was born. I had an exam the morning that Caroline was going to be born. My exam was first thing in the morning so I thought that I would have plenty of time to make the two hour trip back to Wharton from College Station. However, when I got done with my exam I ran into the hallway to call Catherine to get an update on Caroline's arrival and the report was that Caroline was ready to show her pretty face to us. I thought "Great, I am going to miss it!" So I ran to my truck and started towards the hospital. About every 15 minutes I would get an update from Catherine about the situation. I will say that I was not too worried about Anne but more nervous about Catherine who was at the hospital and seemed very confused, nervous, and excited all at the same time.

I was going as fast as I could to make it there but it looked like Caroline was determined to beat me. When I was only a few minutes away Catherine called me again. She reported that I needed to hurry up and get there because she (Catherine) was getting very nervous and was not sure what to do. She told me that there was a lot of yelling and running around of nurses and she was not sure 1) what was happening and 2) if she could handle any more. I quickly reassured her that everything would be fine, but in the back of my mind I was thinking that Catherine could freak out at any moment!

I finally got to the hospital just as they were weighing Caroline and getting her all bundled up so we could hold her. Catherine quickly found me and told me that she did not think that we could have kids, it was just too stressful! However in the year since her arrival Catherine has got much more used to kids and I think that she is over her fear of newborns.

Here are a few snapshots of Caroline from lunch. I would have more, but people were looking at me weird with my camera so I put it away.

Caleb (Caroline's Dad) made a very funny quote about this picture. He said "That's all she does, eat all our money!"

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