Saturday, February 13, 2010

The New Office

Okay, here are the rest of the pictures of the new paint job in the office. We really like it, and maybe you might decide to paint a room in your house like this or you may think that we are nuts.

Let us know what you think!
Our painter worked from 10 a.m. until about 5 p.m. on this project. He was the only one working on it and may have got tired of the picture taking by the end of the job.
The trim work would have to be the worst part of the whole job.
Alright, I may have wrapped up in a cow hide and crawled around on the floor chasing the cat. Be sure to notice Catherine's snuggy in the picture.
TA-DA!! Here is the finished project. Well we still kinda have to get all our furniture moved around how we like it and put the rest of the stuff away, but you get the picture. Also notice that Dixie cat was really working hard at her desk while her parents were playing photographer.
Somehow the stuff like my binoculars, a tape measurer, and a list of sale heifers that had a home before we moved everything around are now just sitting on a filing cabinet.


  1. Wow - What a difference the color makes. I never would have been bold enough to pick that color but it looks amazing in your office! And who couldn't love a guy who will terrorize the cat while wrapped in cowhide? =)

  2. Absolutely love the color!! Could you share the link where you found them?? We have a old farmhouse ourselves and i haven't remodled the upstairs yet because i can't find the right color!!!

  3. is the article we found. We had a hard time finding a color blue we liked but we are so pleased with the one we got. It looks different in every light. We ended up going with Basin Blue from the Eddie Bauer colors at Lowe's because there isn't a Benjamin Moore dealer near us.