Friday, February 19, 2010

Treasured Gifts

We just got married in December 2009. We got so many great gifts and we appreciated all of them. One of my favorites was a cross stitch piece that my grandparents gave me and Luke. It was a beautiful cross stitched project and it was given to us beautifully framed and ready to hang up. We were so excited. What a thoughtful gift that we will treasure forever! It hangs in our bedroom and both Luke and I commented the other day that we just love it. We also got a homemade afghan from one of my cousins, and it is also in there. That room just looks so homey! What a difference gifts from loved ones make.

It's a short blog today from me. I'm wrapping up a busy work week and I am ready to go sit out on the porch and watch the cars drive by. I'll post more soon!

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