Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Little Rancher - UPDATE

Today I was taking pictures of sale heifers we have at the ranch for some customers that wanted to see what we have available. Normally I enjoy going out and taking photos. I mean that is the reason we started a blog, to share our photos with the world. I was out in the sale heifer pen with about 25 head of heifers. The weather was perfect for taking pictures, the sun was out, it was not too hot and not too cold, I mean just right. So I go about trying to take some pictures. Here is what a good quality picture of an bovine animal should look like.

When I took this picture all the cattle in the bull pen were cooperating with me. Today, however, the heifers were not wanting to pose like they should. I would try to get their ears up and they would put their head down and eat grass. I would try to get them to take a step up so their feet were positioned properly and they would run to the other corner of the pasture. It was like pulling teeth out there today. Normally I am a pretty patient person, but today the planets must be outta whack, because I had a very short fuse. In order not to drive my car off a cliff, I decided to take some pictures that required much less patience.

As you can see the heifers were right next to the car, not out in the open by themselves waiting to have their picture taken. Out of the group I got about 10 good pictures. That means I have to go back out tomorrow for Round 2. Lucky me.

On another note, and a little more important, the moment that you all have been waiting for has come about. Are you ready to hear what it is that Catherine and I will be giving to the winner of the Our Little Rancher contest for the month of April. We will be giving an 8x10 canvas wrapped print of your favorite picture. That's right, we take the picture, have it wrapped and sent to you, and all you have to do it hang it. Oh yeah. You get to pick the picture! It may be a little weird to pick the one of me leaning on the fence, but whatever blows your skirt up. You pick it and we do the rest.

The following list is the Top 5 Ranchers in the contest so far.

5th place: Crystal Young
Tied for 3rd: Kimball and Shelia Stannard
2nd: Laura Teague

Ramona's status mention on Facebook with the link to our names pushed her right to the top.

So keep those comments comin'! And Ramona, you better start looking for your favorite shot. But don't get too ahead of yourself, the race is close!


  1. Oh no!!!! We aren't even in the race! Drew is really sad and even sadder that we aren't doing well now that he knows what the prize is!

  2. Drew and Holli loves Catherine and Luke!

  3. the one with the mirror is legit

  4. You wont be hurt too bad if no one picks the picture of you will you?

  5. Nice way to get a let up Holli:)

    Since I am an old friend, I could pick that one of you and it wouldn't be weird, right? LOL. Even if I don't win, I might need a picture of the lightening!

  6. An Indiana friend of your blog told me last evening that she had a fear of winning the picture prize.

    She called it cattle porn. They are building a new home in Lafayette. I'm going to tell her that she's now at the top of the list for the pic. LOL

  7. So I have obviously been MIA from the blog world, and just found this announcement! I am going to have to work on bumping myself up. A couple more comments.

    1. Luke you're going to be the next Walt Browarny
    2. Luke, what makes you think I don't want Catherines sunglass pictures as inspiration?
    3. How about Twitter mention... I am good at that!

  8. Okay I love the one with the two have such creative minds. Lucky!!!