Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Little Rancher • UPDATE

So here's the story. I have been sitting here at this stupid computer since like 8. It is now 10:20. For some reason my computer is going insanely slow and my eyelids have became ridiculously heavy these past couple of minutes.

I was going to put up about 15 pictures tonight, but since the computer is dumb I will try again in the morning. DO YOU HEAR ME COMPUTER!!! PUT THE PEDAL DOWN, YOU ARE WAY TOO SLOW!!

So now that I have that off my chest, I will give you an update on the current standings of the Our Little Rancher contest. Actually, I am just going to say who is in the top five and then you can try to figure out the rest. So the front runners are Crystal, Kimball, Shelia, Callie, and Ramona.

Thank you to all for your comments, they are our favorite part of the blog. Except, when you say things like "Catherine is right on this one Luke, keep the same logo." That was not at all how I thought that poll would turn out. Oh well, can't win 'em all I guess. But keep the comments coming, there is still 10 days left to get those comments in.

So I am off to hit the hay. Hopefully this pathetic machine will have its act together in the morning.

Over and out!

**For some reason, the text size is all messed up. Again my computer must be on its last leg. Hopefully, I can get it all resolved in the morning.


  1. Sweet! The further this goes along the more competitive I am getting about it.

  2. So, you don't like it when Catherine's right? Well get used to it Luke! I think that was a major part of your vows--the better or worse part--tee hee hee! Have a great day!

  3. I agree with Shelia. Catherine should get to be right 60% of the time. Glad that dragon pic got to appear today!


  4. Fantastic...that is what I like to see...

    Just for the record Luke...I could have gone either way with the tally for the logo...I just followed the crowd. LOL

  5. For just how much computers are supposed to "help" our lives they sure do seem to cause me way more stress....

  6. Computers are horrible...as much as I love them..I love to hate them too. My laptop and I have that understanding...you always have to talk "sweet" to it...or it knows and just gives up...