Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From the road... Part Deux

So far our family vacation with Catherine's parents has been great. Just relaxed, simple fun! Yesterday we drove up to Estes Park and the temperature was a cool and comfortable 62 degrees. My oh my, how I have been waiting for temperatures like that. We are going to make the trek back up the mountain again today and visit all the shops and see what treasures we can find.

After sleeping until about 9 this morning, I got up and started to look at my pictures that I have taken so far. I picked the ones that I liked so far, and I have posted them below. I took these pictures while we were driving down the road, so some of them are a little blurry, but you can get the idea.

After I get done with this blog, we are going to get ready and head out for another day of being a complete tourist. Last night before dinner, we stopped at a Christmas shop and I found something that I am not sure I can live without. Well that is until I saw the price. At the Spruce House (Christmas 24-7-365) they had these amazing LED icicle lights that were 42 inches long and put on an amazing cascading light show. I had a total Griswold family Christmas in mind! I grabbed the price tag and turned it over. Then I feel out and had to be carried out on a stretcher and revived with smelling salts. Care to guess what the price on those stupid things were? $440.00!!!!!! What the! Scratch that idea, I will just stick to tinsel and spray snow.

Here are the pictures from the trip thus far. Be sure to check back for more later on. The scenery out here is amazing and I think that Our Little Ranch is going to pack up our headquarters and relocate up here.

Can you see why we had to leave? This was the temp when we left!

Seeing this made me a little nervous.

Gatorade Orange, our preferred drink of the trip. Catherine, Wilma and me all enjoyed an ice cold gatorade at each pit stop we made.

You could see for miles. I wish that I had a house out in the middle of nowhere like this so I could just sit on the porch and not worry about anyone coming to bother me. I think I could turn into a hermit in the future.

There's the beef! The whole trip I was waiting to see the first feed yard in west Texas. I think that it is something to do with all the trips that we made to feed yards on the judging team at A&M. Regardless, I really like feed yards and think that they are rather neat. I kind of wish I owned one. Kind of.

Wilma dog, Dilmer dog, Wilma wog, was the best travelling partner you could ask for. She just slept the whole time. She would wake up when she needed a pit stop, but otherwise she would be sleeping or entertaining herself in the back gnawing on a huge bone that her Grandma Luann got her.

Does this remind anyone else of the movie Tremors? You know the one with the giant man-eating worms. I envisioned myself running for my life and setting up camp on the top of a rock until Heather (Reba McEntire) and Burt (Michael Gross) could come rescue me.

We're almost there!

Whilst on this trip I have developed a fascination with wind farms. Just watching these huge yet majestic propellers mesmerized me.

Ha! This was a sign at one the RV parks that Catherine's parents stopped at with their trailer. I thought it was kinda neat, so I took a picture.

Finally some trifoam suds from the car wash. When we go to a car wash, we open up the vents and blow the fan as hard as we can to get the great bubblegum/fresh smell of this great colored foam.

Alright, off to scale the mountain side!

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  1. the pic of the suds at the car wash is an awesome shot! i've always thought ohhh pretty and stare the whole time i'm in the car. i would totally frame this and put it in my livingroom! i love it!