Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OLR Developments

Since our photography business started with this blog, I thought that y'all should be the first to know about some recent developments with Our Little Ranch.

Do you remember when we changed our logo and blog design? Well we have not been 100% sold on our recent blog design and are about to get a complete overhaul with our blog. We cannot wait to show it to you! We think that it is great and very new and fresh.

1) Our future blog will be hosted within our photography web site.
2) It will better portray our sense of style and the way we would like to portray our business.
3) We have a few new ideas that we will let you in on once we get our new blog ready.
4) I don't think that I have a #4.

So, hang in there and do not like the excitement push you over the edge.

In the mean time, I was out playing with the camera, trying to perfect my exposure skills. Wilma happened to be my subject and she was not wanting to cooperate. She had other ideas. Like chasing the butterflies in the flower garden or playing in the sprinkler.

I used a few elements from our new blog design to jazz up her picture.
Anyone have any guesses to what our new blog theme will look like?

Stay tuned. We should have the new blog up and running any day now!

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