Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks from a small town

Last night Catherine, her parents, and myself all loaded up at headed just a few miles down the road to the local community center to watch the firework show put on by the Boling Volunteer Fire Department.

Normally, I think of the local fire department as the ones who have to come put out the grass fires that get started on the ranch. However, this year I think that everyone in attendance saw them in a different light.

On July 3rd the egg farm that is just down the road from us had a horrible thing happen. Somehow in one of their packaging/processing rooms something went very wrong with generator/boiler (the exact reason has yet to be determined, but that is what is rumored) exploded and caused a massive fire.

Crews from the Boling Volunteer Fire Department and Wharton Volunteer Fire Department responded, and eventually 31 different departments came out to help with fighting the fire and water-relay operations. The fire started somewhere around 9 PM on Saturday night and they were still fighting it about noon yesterday. Sadly, one firefighter was killed in the blaze and two more were injured.

With the strength of the Boling Volunteer Fire Department drained from the exhausting battle with the one of the, if not the biggest fire is the history of Wharton many thought that the fireworks display would be cancelled or postponed. But much to our delight they went on with what I thought was one of the best displays of pyrotechnics that I have ever seen. To think that our little volunteer fire department could do all that they did in a 24 hour period is nothing short of inspiring.

In preparation for the fireworks I googled "How to take pictures of fireworks." I finally found what the settings should be for my camera and then we headed towards the community center. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, here are some shots of the fireworks. I will also say that taking pictures of fireworks is a lot harder that what I thought. Trying to know where they would be at in the sky was the toughest part. But anyway, here ya go!












This may be a random thought, but to me this picture reminds me of Mortal Kombat. Specifically Raven and his special powers of being able to throw lightning bolts. I really wish that I had that power and this picture kinda makes me feel like I do. I know, rather random huh?


  1. prayers are with the fallen firefighter..........

  2. Excellent pictures, thank you for sharing. My sympathies to the firefighter's family. Yay volunteers, ya'll have saved many lives...thank you for your service to your communities! : )

  3. Great pictures! Great fireworks.

    My sympathy and prayers for the fireman's family and to the communtiy. It takes a special kind of person for that job. The #344 will alway be in my mind as that is the # of firemen who died in the Twin Towers. Firemen are heroic no matter where they are.

    My Uncle Ben was Fire Chief of West Lafayette, Indiana.