Saturday, July 10, 2010

Orange Juice, Frogs, and some other stuff.

If you are into taking pictures like we are, have you ever been going through your photos and realize that you took random pictures of stuff that doesn't even belong together. I mean there is no congruence between the shots, like one picture of a glass of orange juice, another of a frog, and then some more random stuff.

Well that is what happened to me. I just put in my memory card from the camera and I am not sure what happened, but I had a bunch of pictures that were relevant to nothing and I wasn't sure why I even took them.

So what to do with these pictures, BLOG WITH THEM of course, so you can enjoy a Saturday morning of randomness.

Here goes nothing...


Widget(Catherine) and I have been on a recent fresh squeezed orange juice kick and here is a glass of our wonderfulness. In color and black and white no less!


Ok so the rest of these pics do have a little bit of a story behind them. Luann (Catherine's momma) call me the other day when she was outside mowing her yard. She said that she found some young birds (are they called fledglings?) and a nest and wanted me to come over and take a picture of them. So I jumped in my truck and headed down to the ranch headquarters.

I took the pictures of the bird and egg (see below) but also she had a hose shoved into a hole. After the hose was flooding out the underground lair of something, we saw this emerge. I was certain a snake would come out, but it was some cool marked frogs.


Here's the egg (above) and the bird (below).



I also ran into this mean lookin' mamma jamma! After doing some research this is a Black and Yellow Garden Spider. Eeeee Gads!

Senior Frog again.


Here are two pictures of the Spanish Olive tree that Catherine's Mom and Dad have in their yard. Kinda pretty if I do say so myself.



Mr. Toad trying to find the culprit of flooding his newly furnished home.


  1. Great random post. Love the new blog design. Happy weekend.

  2. aww I got those same glasses as a wedding present 45 years ago. Thanks for the memory.