Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bradley's Photo Shoot

Bradley is the son of one of our good friends, Jodie Hutchinson. We had a great time playing with Bradley and taking some shots of our fun. I think my favorite part was when Jodie got the watermelon out of the ice chest and sliced it up for Bradley. He loved it! I loved it too, and while I was eating a piece, Catherine decided to take a quick shot of me. I will not show that here, but it is very similar to the ones of Bradley. I was face first in the slice of melon and had the red juice running down my face and arms.

So enjoy these picture of Bradley, and after looking at these, be sure to go and get a watermelon.

Ok, so things started off on a rather rocky start, but this picture makes us laugh each time we look at it.






This is the similiar picture to the one that Catherine took of me. It is very cute for a kid, but not so much for me.


IMG_4063This picture was taken at Bradley's grandma's house. I will post some most pictures of this great place, but there were chickens (I want chickens so bad! I am going to get some now) a cool mosaic patio, a wall that was handmade with trinkets stuck in it, and did I mention there were chickens! Thousands of chickens! Okay, maybe only like 40, but 40 chickens is a lot! While you look through the rest of the photos, I am going to contemplate whice came first, the chicken or the egg.







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