Monday, July 19, 2010

Payton's Photo Shoot

Last Thursday we took pictures of Catherine's cousin, Payton. What started with a trip to Bucee's for some Dippin'Dots ended with some great photos. I am not sure what Payton's future holds, but she could hold her own in a career in modeling.

While we were driving around with Paytie we were hasseling her about her boyfriend. Come to find out, we were a little outdated on our information as Payton has a new boyfriend that we did not know about. So Catherine, being her nosey self, asked how did Payton break up with him. Payton then told us that the three people she has rejected in her life, she has just told them "It's over." Upon hearing this, I about cried I was laughing so hard. Teenage relationships are a thing of comedy.

Payton then went on with more details. She said "I was going to call him because I don't like to break up with people over text message..." Again I found this hilarious. It must be something about wanting to be professional when breaking up with someone that got me.

Regardless of relationship status, we got some good pictures of Payton and I think that these pictures may bring around a couple new suiters.

Enjoy, ya hear!











  1. Love this last one of her! It looks like it should be in a magazine or an album cover!

  2. The pictures from the last two shoots are awesome. I one with her smiley face shirt makes me laugh. Keep up the awesome work guys. I think I see a future in this photography thing!