Thursday, July 8, 2010

Live from the center of Alex!

Ok so its not really live, and its not really from the center either. Maybe I should have put, "Five days after, from the north edge of Alex!" But that is way boring, so I will keep it the way it is.

Most of you are aware of the most recent hurricane that was in the gulf named Alex. I say "most" because I put the following as my facebook status. "The power just went out, Alex must be here!" My niece replied with "Who is Alex?" Sheesh, teenagers!

If you care about what we did during the huricane you can read about it here.

After the third consecutive day of monsoon type downpours, I had to get out of the house. I couldn't take it any more. So I decided that I needed to get the mail. On my way out the door I grabbed my camera, put it under my shirt (to keep it dry) and ran to my truck. I started out of the driveway and thought to myself , "Self, should you really be going out in this weather?" It was really raining hard and I could not see 10 feet in front of the truck. But with the thought of returning back to the house and sitting there while the power flickers, I treged on. Not only did I need the mail, but the masses needed the pictures from the middle of all the action.

So after I came closer to hydroplaning that I ever had before, I called it quits and came back to the house. Here are some pictures from our first hurricane of the season. Be sure to get your raincoats.

hurricane-1 The picture on the right is the ditch beside the house. The one that I take great pride in mowing. And the left picture is of a cotton field down the road.

hurricane-7 Here is a grass field beside the house.

hurricane-2 Our view from the front porch. The yard eventually flooded.

hurricane-6 This is the corner of the pen where we grow out our heifers. I am sure they were thinking "This is it, this is how I can escape from here!"

hurricane-4 Another section of the fence from the backside of the trap beside the house. Normally there is just a little trickle of water that flow through the creek there, but it looks like it came out of its banks.

hurricane-5 Another view of the pen.

The ditch on the other side of the road from us.


  1. That classic George Strait song comes to mind "oceanfront property in Wharton County..". Oh, wait - maybe I have those lyrics a little wrong? And just think of all those lovely mosquitos coming when the rain finally lets up. Ugh! I keep reminding myself we would have killed for this last summer... =D

  2. Yikes! And Pops and I saw on the telly that Tx is in for more rain!! Stay day.

  3. Wow, hope you all and the cattle are ok! Is it drying up at all yet?

  4. Just when we start to think that it is drying up, we get 3 more inches. We got three yesterday, and already 1 this morning. On the up side, it makes for perfect napping weather! Thanks for you comments guys!