Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Night Meal Idea - Continued

Alright, if you have not read the post below this about the roasted vegetables, please do. It's okay. I will wait right here.

If you have read the previous post, continue on.

The recent development of me discovering how to make Fried Rice has changed my life. I thought that it was a very long task and something that I could never do.

But it is 100% easy. Here is all you do.

1) Throw some oil into a pan.
2) scramble an egg or two in the oil.
3) add some precooked white rice (if you have not stumbled upon boil-in-a-bag rice, go get it now)
4) shake in some soy sauce, around 3 tablespoons (more or less depending on how you like it)
5) add the left over roasted vegetables and mix.
6) prepare to be amazed.

If you are feeling a little frisky and want to add some more things to boost the flavor, here are some suggestions.

-red pepper flakes
-beef/chicken bouillon
-anything else you think would be good.

So go out and get the ingredients to make these two dishes. They are super easy and super good!

Or you can forget all about it and go drive through McDonald's or something. Your choice. Choose wisely!

Sorry for the lack of a picture, Catherine ate it all before I could get the camera.

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