Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adventures in Cow Working

Well.... not really cow working. Just giving donors shots. Here's some photos I snapped yesterday evening.

Curious — but friendly — cows. I had just got out to close the gate. I was feeling pretty good about myself until hours later, Luke informed me that my tee-shirt had rode up in the back and when I went to shut the gate I had given Matt a view of the top of my undies. Sorry, Matt.

Easy enough, huh? How many times do I think she's been through this... more than a few!

I wish I had gotten a picture of Matt's super penning moves. At one point he went airborne and yelled out like he was competing in karate!

I wonder what they're thinking.

Now this situation - where her nose is between the two pipes - not the least bit scary to me. It's when they get their head on top of that top pipe that I start to see my life flash before my eyes and think they might jump out and come towards me. I should note: this has never actually happened, but it doesn't mean I'm any less scared. For years Luke has told me that my fear of culverts was irrational - but see post below about man flipping truck on 12 foot culvert. A-ha! My fear is validated and has completely intensified since then.

Sliding gate - freshly "fixed" where it actually slides and no longer has to be roughly tugged.

This cow became my friend. She stood there - very close - and let me take this and a few more photos of her.

I think she has a future on America's Next Top Model - this lovely lady struck this fierce pose for me and I was so excited. Work it, girl! Smile with your eyes! (If you don't watch ANTM you don't know what I'm talking about.)

When there's actual cow working being done at the chute —whatever that may be— these are the BEST seats in the house... Usually reserved for my two grandpas or whoever else is lucky enough to snag one. They sit up high off the ground like thrones and are way more comfortable than they look.

The friendly cow... and.... Matt & Luke finishing up just as we ran out of daylight.


  1. How did you get such a good looking hubsand? That's right hub-sand. It's an inside joke.

  2. The chairs? Luke, your mother had 2 chairs just like these from the old Harrison Steel bowling alley. Wonder what happened to them... anyway, they are comfy.

    Good photography, Cath!! ...

  3. I'm proud of 3 people today.... luke and catherine for your funny words/great pictures and of matt knowing how to do the slow walk after something really big just happened