Sunday, March 14, 2010

So Catherine tried to kill me today....

That's right, Catherine attempted to off me today. Here is how it went down.

We were cooking dinner (very hard to do with no water, we have a busted water line in the pasture. But that is a future blog) and Catherine asked me to pour her a glass of tea. Being the great husband that I am, I went and got a glass, filled it with ice and then opened the fridge to get out the tea pitcher. This is when it happened! I had opened the door, grabbed the pitcher, and began to step back to close the door. Before I could reach to close the door, and while still in its path, the door quickly accelerated towards me. As the door gained speed, it collided with the tea pitcher. Upon impact the force from the door caused a tsunami effect in the tea pitcher and a giant wave of tea splashed up into my face and all over me. Like a half gallon of tea with the speed of Katrina went up my nose, all over my face, clothes, and the floor. After the ambulance came and pumped out my lungs I began to watch TV and try to get over the fact that my wife just tried to kill me. Ok so that last part didn't happen, but I had ya going! But just like a little kid I did not know whether to cry, laugh, or mess my pants after Catherine's attempted water boarding. Needless to say I survived the tea tidal wave and will live to tell my story.

So what else did we do on our extremely lazy Sunday? We played photographer! Here are some shots.

I really thought that the reflection in Catherine's glasses was cool.

We attempted to take a picture of the two of us together. This was our best attempt.

Beans came out to add his two cents.

I think Catherine told me to "look off in the distance" while she tried to get a picture of the piece of hay that was stuck in my hair. If you look you can barely see it.

We also started a fire while we were outside.

I about melted my Crocs when I was trying to take this picture. But by the looks of them, maybe I should have.

I hope we are not the only fools that go out and take stupid pictures of each other!
The beautiful sunset on the ranch.


  1. Is that blood on your crocs ?!? don't tell me you farm in yours too!! :)

  2. I am somewhat sad to admit, but that is indeed blood on my shoes. But it was not from ranching, it was from fishing. Go figure!

  3. I would have loved to see you with the pitcher of tea! haha! And I love the blog!!!!