Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Great Tatonka

So this is a continuation of the Deer Camp blog. Not only on are there the usual suspects running around in the brush when we go to South Texas, but also there are a few animals you would not expect to see. One of my favorite animals to see and the ones that are always pretty hard to find are the two buffalo that inhabit the ranch. Not very many people expect to be in a deer stand and then see two buffalo walk right past.

The two buffalo at the ranch are very easy to tell the difference between. All you have to do it look at their horns. The older cow has a crazy horn and thus has been given the name "Crazy Horn." However Jim (Catherine's dad) sometimes calls her "Grandma-ma" Anyway, these two are always together and sometimes cause a little trouble like knocking off the ladder to a deer stand. The buffalo are very gentle and will let you dive right up to them, or if you are putting out corn from a truck they will run behind the truck and eat what they can.

Aside from the buffalo, the neighboring ranch has many more exotic species. Giraffe, antelope, and wildebeest all run wild on the other ranch. I do have some pictures of these but I will have to do some digging to find them. Until I find those here are just a few pictures that I took of the buffalo the last time I was there.

"Crazy Horn"
On another note, while at the Boling Fair Fund we had many people come up to us and tell us how much they admire the blog. Catherine and I really felt like celebs because we had no clue that so many people followed our blog. So thank you to all of our readers out there!

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  1. <3 the Tatonka pics and stories! So does this make you "Dances with Camera"? =)