Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Weekend Flown By!

Here we are at the beginning of spring – officially. I see signs of it everywhere; I wouldn’t need a calendar to recognize them. New baby calves, wildflowers blooming, warmer and sunnier days, and now with the time change, an extra hour in the evening that makes more daylight.

We had a great weekend! It was a full weekend, though: birthday parties, grocery shopping, dinner with friends, trips to the movies… and of course excellent company!

The weather turned colder Saturday but is now starting to warm back up. Before the weather got chilly, I spent my Friday late evening riding around taking pictures. It was just too beautiful to miss the opportunity. So… the pictures on this blog were taken Friday to show you how pretty this time of year is in Texas!

Saturday it was rainy and cold – which resulted in a usually mundane trip to the grocery store turning into a monsoon-braving adventure.

This morning Luke rose way before me to go give the donor cows shots for the upcoming flush. By the time my alarm went off so I would have time to get ready to go to church, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Luke had prepared homemade breakfast tacos for me! What a treat! What isn’t so much of a treat is cow manure-covered blue jeans from the morning cow work that I have to wash.

Tonight in the last hour of daylight, I got to witness what can only be described as a Miami Vice style penning episode, complete with Luke and Frank each turning doughnuts in the mud in their respective vehicles. Boy am I glad I was just watching and not expected to actually get something in the pen!

Have an excellent week!

I'm embarrassed to say that we just now have taken down our Christmas wreath and replaced it with this springtime one that I snuck out of Target while Luke was outside in the car. I was only supposed to run in and get laundry detergent, so he waited in the car. I sheepishly wheeled the cart out with multiple sacks - including this wreath.

Why hello gentle new Shorthorn calf that likes being petted! Welcome, friend!

The ranch is covered in these yellow flowers every year for about 3 weeks right at the beginning of spring.

No longer wondering when the hay is coming - there's green grass growin' now, ma'am!

My favorite tree on the entire ranch - this one curves over an area where there used to be a railroad tracks in the civil war days.

Chilly nights mean plenty of fire-pit time.


  1. First of all, I love that swayed tree too! Its a beauty! Love the fire pit, looks like a great place to hang out in the evenings!

    Ok: what font did you use for the word 'ranch' in the header? Its fantastic-

    Everything about your blog looks great- I love it!

  2. Love this! The yellow flower/brahman pic is my favorite!