Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Facing My Fears

Just like anyone else, I have a few fears. Don't worry this is not going to be a soul-searching trip through my past to discover where these fears originated and how I can move past them. This is not that type of blog if you have not figured that out yet.

So I have three fears that really bother me. One on a daily basis and the other two only every three or four weeks. I will start with the first one.

Fear #1 - My zipper is down.
Haha, laugh it up. Seriously I am horrified that my fly is down all the time. I constantly check it and also have others check it. Well, how about other, Catherine. She is always having to look for me. And I know exactly where this started. It was in seventh grade IT (Industrial Technology) class. Our teacher, Mr. Gadd (he was from England and had an empty coffee can that he would kick across the room when he got mad. Isn't that interesting) was having us build a square box. I was cutting a board for my box and felt sawdust getting in places that it should not. So I look down and my fly is down. I mean the barn door was open and the animals were out. I quickly looked up to see if anyone else had noticed (not that there was much to notice in 7th grade. Is that too much? Maybe? Oh well.) and quickly put everything back in its place. Ever since then I have been horrified that I will run a re-run of that episode.

Fear #2 - I have lice.
Anytime my head itches I am certain that I have lice. I should preface that by saying that I never have had lice and I think that only long haired girls get those nasty head bugs. At least that is what I tell myself.

Fear #3 - I am going BALD!!!
I am also paranoid that I am going bald. Not that I have anything against skin heads, but I just do not think that would be a good look for me. I once had a buzz cut when I was in little league and looking back at those pictures, I was an embarrassment to my parents. It was awful.

So needless to say, when I go to get a haircut Fears 2 and 3 are compiled and send me almost into a panic. I mean I would almost just let my hair go, but then the long hair and lice thing would be even more of a problem. What is a boy to do?

Today Catherine and I went to get our wigs split before we head up to Indiana for Easter. I was just getting my hair cut while Catherine was going all out, haircut AND color.

I always tell Natalie (our haircutter) when I first sit down in the chair to check for lice and to make sure that I am not going bald. She always reassures me that I have a full thick head of hair and in no way am I going bald. Then after my hair cut, Catherine sits down to get her color added to her hair.

Then it has to process or something like that so while the color was doing what it needed to do, we jumped in the car and headed to Sonic for the first Strawberry Limeade of the season.

Widget was trying to get me to do some stupid pose and this is what she got for a response.

After a few decades waiting on Catherine to get her hair all did up, I had one of those "Oh Crap!" moments. I just remembered that I needed to put out a few round bales before we left in the morning for Indiana. I must have been too engrossed pulling my hair back and looking in the mirror at my hairline to remember about the cattle that were depending on me for food. Whoops.

So Catherine and I headed back to the ranch and we got some neat pictures while the sun was setting.

While I was putting out the hay, Catherine found two heifers that wanted to pose for the camera.

Maybe my favorite picture yet. Catherine snapped this when she came and picked me up at the hay barn. Speaking of Catherine.....

Check out her new hair color! How She wanted to do something different and bold. I would say that she accomplished that! I keep looking at this picture and thinking to myself "I have one bad ass wife!"

Photo caption: Catherine's first true love, Brahmans.

I bet there are some people laughing after that one!

When Catherine opened a gate for me, I stopped and we were even able to get a picture of us, using the timer on the camera and setting it on a fence post.

My favorite part of this picture is the barn in the background. Oh and that handsome devil leaning against the fence. Stud.

In all my rush to get the hay out before dark, I did not notice that one of the tires on the tractor was a little flat. Also pay no attention to the wet dirt in the corner. I had to go and did not realize that "the spot" was in the picture. Oh well we're ranchers, deal with it.

When I got back to the hair barn, Catherine picked me up and we headed to Mach's to pick up our dinner.


  1. This is the B.A. wife. In the latter photos, my hair looks pink in the sunlight. Come on everybody - please realize my hair is not pink. The shade is "red mahogany." Not 1986 Barbie & The Rockers Pink.

  2. So funny! love reading your blog makes me smile everytime!

  3. Love the hair color! And the pictures, again. The silhouette is awesome. Almost as good as Luke's tongue hanging out.


  4. You must have hair on the brain, Luke... you went back to the hair barn?! LOL.
    Love the change Cat! I want to do something crazy, but I have this thing called fear standing in my way. I have a cone head and don't like to draw attention to it, which I just did on the WWW didn't I????

  5. Luke, the strawberry limeades are B.A.! All I ever get at sonic!

  6. I just recently started reading your blogs and I really enjoy them. Luke you don't know me, but I went to school with Catherine and Rachel. So we have know the Williams a very long time. The pictures that ya'll take are just beautiful. Keep up the great blogs!!!!

  7. #1. Lucas B Neumayr!!!!!! you need to go to Guaranteed Transmission Service and Auto Care (on facebook) and become a fan! The contest is over today at 5 pm!!! You and Joe Horstman are totally ignoring my annoying posts!!!!!!!!!! Do it for your neices!!! The money does go to their school. Come on Uncle Luke!!!!!!

  8. As always, Luke you put a smile on my face!! Catherine, LOVE the new color, and I don't know too many of us that look as good as you do with foils in!!! You must never get sick, b/c they say "laughter is the best medicine" and I'm sure living with that great hubby of yours, you laugh all the time! Have a blessed Easter you two!

  9. OMG! I love your hair! Love the pictures. :) Happy Easter!

  10. What I really want to see is LUKE in foils. Do you think, Cat, that you could do him up in blonde? You might as well do a complete switch of rolls--and, I think Luke would look cute in blonde--and even cuter in foils. It might confuse the Brahman heifers, however. They might charge a blonde with glasses, since there hasn't been one of those around there yet! :)