Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Little Assassin!

As Catherine mentioned in the previous blog, spring is right around the corner. The trees will start to bud out, flowers will start to bloom and snakes will start to appear. That's right SNAKES!

First off, I am 100% scared to death of snakes. Whether it is 2 inches long or stretches across the whole road I want nothing to do with them. Even seeing a snake on the TV gives me the creeps. But what I witnessed today will let me rest a little easier as these slithering terrors start to emerge.

I was out checking on our cow in the trap beside the house and when I came around the corner the porch cats, Beans and Buttons, were in the process of killing a 6-inch garter snake. The snake was trying its best to escape but with the mongoose like skills of Beans, there was no place for the snake to go. Beans would grab it in his mouth and fling it up in the air. Then he would leap in the air and body slam the snake. It was impressive. I never knew that Beans had his black belt in snake killing but he was a true ninja today.

Beans was also very proud of his find. Buttons would try to extend a paw and slap the snake around a little bit, but Beans would not have any part of it. He would growl at Buttons and take the snake in his mouth and walk away. Then when he was by himself he would go back to attacking the snake.

So with the mad skills of my two cats, I am not nearly as scared to walk around the house and stumble upon a man-eating snake. But upon Wikipedia-ing "Garter Snakes" I quickly noticed that mother snakes give birth to 12-15 live young. This means that Beans has about 11-14 more to go. Below is a picture of Beans standing over his kill and doing a little smack talking to the snake. I think he was saying something like "Don't you be comin' on my property" or "I show'd you!"


  1. Your cats and my little dog will one day rid the world of all snakes.

  2. Okay, you guys 1) have the most amazing life, 2) have some amazing cow photos, 3) you two are not only talented graphic designers, but I think your photography skills are amazing as well! I love the blog!

  3. Okay, Luke. On your trip to Colorado you might be introduced to a few RATTLESNAKES. Last year, in 2009, The Teague Family ranch team only killed about 20 rattlers on their travels on their ranch. In 2008, however, they killed probably 300 rattlers during the late summer and fall. I am sure you would enjoy checking water with the kids... sometimes it might seem as the GROUND IS MOVING!!