Friday, March 19, 2010

Look what I caught!

This past weekend our good friend and fellow Boling-ite Charles Atkinson invited us to go along on a fishing trip with him and his wife Sue. I have lost count of the times that Charles has called me and asked me to go fishing when I was at a stock show or somewhere else and could not go. But finally we were finally in the right place at the right time and were able to go.

So here is what we did. I will use pictures to tell our story.

This was the walkway that went from shore to the pier.

The water was a blue as blue can be and we got lucky that the wind was calm so it was very smooth.

Charles and I headed out in our yacht and started to place all of the jugs around the lake. We used big floats with weights and a hook attached to them. We strategically placed these around the lake in the "areas" that we thought the biggest fish were.

While Charles and I were out on the water, Catherine tried her hand at catching some supper for us.

She had a little bit of trouble figuring out how to cast with my new reel, but she finally got the hang of it and could cast a pretty good way by the time we were done.

Another friend of ours, Curtis Cline, came on the fishing trip and brought along one of the coolest dogs ever. His name is Ratchet and Catherine and I really want to get a Pug.

This was the real reason we went on the trip. Look at this monster! This was about a 30 pounder and it was a real fun time trying to get him (or is it her?) into the boat.

Charles and Ratchet with two of the other big catfish that we caught. We caught about 20 catfish total but the majority were small and not blog worthy.

A close up of one of the big mama-jama's.

The sunset on the lake was amazing. I would really considering moving to the pier and living there under an umbrella for the summer.

A beautiful ending to a great few days of fishing!
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  1. Isn't that one of the coolest places ever? And the water stays nice and clear and cool in the summer too. Next time you see Curtis, ask him about the time he "taught" Rachet to swim in the lake. (Pugs apparently aren't the most bouyant of breeds) =)