Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick Update and Celebrity Sighting

Not too much time for a long blog tonight - and only a preview of pictures to come. This evening for the 7:00 p.m. shots I tagged along with Luke with my camera, my favorite lens, and some new photography skills I've picked up via some studying on the internet about the different settings on our camera.

We ate dinner (brisket and scalloped potatoes, with the most amazing sweet tea I've made in recent memory) and then headed over to the pens. This time there was no penning drama. Boring.

About 45 minutes of drizzling rain and cow working (by Matt and Luke - I was just standing around snapping photos and trying not to get hooked by an angry cow) Luke and I headed into the booming metropolis of Boling to the local grocery store to pick up some cat food for the porch kitties. It was there that we saw Shakira's mother! Actually - it wasn't her mother, of course. But it was a woman with hair as big as Shakira's. When we pulled up to the store I said, "Hey Luke, don't hit Shakira's mother!" which resulted in him laughing hysterically. I tried to snap a photo of her, but I got scared. Shakira's mother might be from the hood.

Anyways - here's a picture I took at the pens of the drips on the pipe. Lots of cool pics coming tomorrow evening, hopefully!

Must go - LOST has been on the DVR for about 24 hours now and I cannot wait any longer. I also cannot wait to torture Luke by making him watch it and - most importantly, discuss my theories for how this will all turn out. For example, I may say, "Hey, did you see the smoke monster do that?" and he grumbles, "Huh? What? Umm... no." Its usually about then I have to take his phone away because instead of watching lost he tries to sneak in a few hands of pretend-poker on his cell phone. But... I digress. This episode of LOST is about Richard, the man who never ages and whose eyeliner never runs.


  1. I can SO picture you guys saying that at the store - Hilarious!
    Hmmm... maybe I oughta quit commenting so much on your blogs - I'm beginning to look a little obsessed? ;-)

  2. Brisket!!! Yes. O, and about that eyeliner....I have a friend with tatooed lashes. She has her lips done too.... No. Not ms. palin.

    I'm glad Shakira's mom excaped Luke's driving.. Who's Shakira?

    I know Izzy Strandlin's aunt. guns & roses ;>)