Monday, March 8, 2010

The Wait is Over!

Ok so the past two weeks have been crazy! Houston is our International Brahman show and the ranch took just shy of 30 head to the show. As the word "international" would suggest many Brahman breeders from around the globe invade Houston during the stock show. Not only do the foreign breeders want to see the show cattle, but they also want to come visit the ranch. We have had visitors from Thailand, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Columbia, Australia, Honduras, Paraguay, and Oklahoma. Although the language barrier presents problems, as many do not speak English, when everyone has the same interest of looking at cattle, it is much easier to overcome.

One of the biggest perks of the foreign breeders coming is they almost always bring gifts from their respective countries. The group from Thailand brought a beautiful little "thing." I have no clue what it is. It looks like a urn that you put ashes of a past family member in. However, this is small. Like the only ashes it could hold would be ashes of Stephanie the pet hamster. My personal favorite gift was from the Columbians. Any guesses on what that could be? COFFEE!!! Pure Columbian Coffee! After my first cup I re-roofed the house, caught a salmon swimming up stream and beat Chuck Norris in a race. I mean this stuff is potent!

In other news, I have a few pictures to share with y'all tonight. Hopefully the ones we took in Houston will be making an appearance shortly. But for now, these will have to do.

A cow waiting in the pen to head down the chute.

Same cow, different pose.

When I was showing around a group from Venezuela, these calves were enjoying the morning sun and were right next to the water. I thought that there reflection in the water was cool so I took a picture.

The other night we had a real pretty sunset so guess what......we took a picture!


  1. LOVE the WATER Picture!! Luke you should come do my wedding pictures!! It's in the Keys!!